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World Cup 2014
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Tue Jun 10 2014, 06:42PM
Registered Member #267
Joined: Sat Feb 27 2010, 02:02AM
Location: Geneva
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Very short notice but we are at least 5 players so worth to make a friendly competition about football world cup.

I quote Dave for the rules (World Cup 2010)
Dave C wrote ...

So anyone want to have a go at this, very simple pick teams rather than player, rules here:
Link here

Document has not been updated for the values of the teams (short notice^^) but rest of the rules are similar
So here are the odds based on the bookmaker trends

Group A
Brazil 12
Croatia 9
Mexico 5
Cameroon 1

Group B
Spain 12
Netherlands 9
Chile 5
Australia 1

Group C
Colombia 12
Ivory Coast 9
Japan 5
Greece 1

Group D
Italy 12
Uruguay 9
England 5
Costa Rica 1

Group E
France 12
Switzerland 9
Ecuador 5
Honduras 1

Group F
Argentina 12
Bosnia Herzegovina 9
Nigeria 5
Iran 1

Group G
Germany 12
Portugal 9
Ghana 1

Group H
Belgium 12
Russia 9
South Korea 5
Algeria 1

PM me your picks before the start of the first game (June 12th 21:00 UK time).

I already made my choices

[ Edited Tue Jun 10 2014, 06:48PM ]
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Dave C
Tue Jun 10 2014, 09:02PM

Registered Member #1
Joined: Mon Jul 31 2006, 03:48PM
Location: Ashford, Kent
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Entry sent!
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Tue Jun 10 2014, 11:00PM
Fantasy World Cup 2010 Winner
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Joined: Tue Oct 10 2006, 04:00PM
Location: London
Posts: 94
Thought I'd give it a go, entry sent.
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Wed Jun 11 2014, 07:34AM
Registered Member #32
Joined: Mon Dec 19 2005, 05:21PM
Location: Harbledown, Canterbury
Posts: 1548
I've sent an entry. Not easy to get close to 49 points!

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Wed Jun 11 2014, 08:21AM
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Joined: Fri Oct 29 2010, 02:28PM
Location: wales
Posts: 141
ok, silly question.
rules say i have to pick teams worth £49 or less
i have to pick one team from each group
and my 4 teams must come to 49 or less.
i assume that should be 8 teams come to 49 or less
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Wed Jun 11 2014, 08:26AM
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Joined: Sat Feb 27 2010, 02:02AM
Location: Geneva
Posts: 960
Yes it's 8 teams, I think it's a legacy from the euro where there only are 4 groups.
Thanks for your PMs !
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Andy Scott
Wed Jun 11 2014, 08:47AM
Andy Scott
Registered Member #23
Joined: Wed Dec 07 2005, 05:25PM
Location: Reading
Posts: 858
My entry is in

Aim is simply not to be the person at the bottom
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Wed Jun 11 2014, 04:37PM
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Joined: Sun Mar 09 2008, 10:53AM
Location: Ashford
Posts: 177
My team is in
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Wed Jun 11 2014, 08:34PM
Registered Member #267
Joined: Sat Feb 27 2010, 02:02AM
Location: Geneva
Posts: 960
So far I have the following people

Andy Scott

= 8, not bad!
You have less than 24 hours to join us

I plan to post everyone bets when first game has started. Let me know if you disagree!

[ Edited Wed Jun 11 2014, 08:35PM ]
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Mark Cowper
Thu Jun 12 2014, 12:22PM
Registered Member #188
Joined: Fri Jun 20 2008, 06:42PM
Location: Farnborough, Hampshire
Posts: 262
Signed up - Team Name if required is "All or nothing"
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