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Wed May 27 2015, 06:18am
Monsieur l'Éditeur, TPT

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As the the former GM of TPT I am responsible for the conscious and long deliberated decision to not have marriage within the game's rules. The reason being that it breaks the balance of power within the game. If mistresses can be married, then they become 'safe' - like appointments that a character can't lose. The long and short of it is that marriage in the game causes the game to ossify over time until it becomes unplayable, especially for newe characters...

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Wed May 27 2015, 03:43pm
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I assumed new mistresses would appear as others married out to avoid the reducing the pool for new players. You could even still court someone married I suppose (leading to yet more duels, perhaps for higher stakes). That said, I appreciate the response and that the removal of marriage was done for game balance purpose.

Now just to try and figure out the roleplay around it's absence. Offspring and legitimacy have a particular importance after all.

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Seany K
Mon Jun 01 2015, 09:02am
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(Apologies for the delay in responding - been on holiday with no/little internet access)
As Jon and Manu have said, Restoration was based on TPT which itself, was based on En Garde thus there has never been a rule to allow a character to marry. I did toy with allowing marriage but after discussions with several people, decided to leave them out.
Marriage makes it too easy for a character to fulfil his Female Companionship requirement and thus nullifying many causes of duels. What it may add to characterisation and role play, it would subtract from other areas - constant supply of FC, Influence and possibly income.
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