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The Paris Tribune


The Paris Tribune (TPT) is a Play By eMail (PBeM) En Garde! game. With various stops and starts, TPT has run in various forms since it originally started as an old fashioned postal Play By Mail (PBM) in the early 1980s at the University of Kent. Indeed, the current Game Master (GM) JonL is in his second stint at the helm having originally run the game whilst a student circa 1985-88...

While the rules of The Paris Tribune have evolved significantly over the past twenty years, they are ultimately based upon the Second Edition of the En Garde! rules original published by GDW in 1977. These original rules are now in their Fourth Edition and are published by Margam Evans. However, the TPT rules available on the CGN site contain everything you need to play the game.

En Garde! is based in 17th Century France, specifically Paris, as depicted in the novels of Alexandre Dumas and as seen in films such as The Three Musketeers and The Man in the Iron Mask. France is led by a weak King, with the Cardinal largely running the kingdom. Whilst all this is happening the King's Musketeers are continually feuding with the Cardinal's Guard. You play a gentleman, well you might not be to start with, trying to survive in Paris. Your aim is to gain the King's ear, the only way to do that is to climb the social ladder, how you climb it is up to you. Many climb on the backs of others, many leap up on their own merit, usually with a blade, but most join the army and prosper through their bravery and tactical ability.

Want to find out more?

Check out the current issue of The Paris Tribune available in the game's file repository, which is organised by game year. The current year is 1628. The current TPT rules are also to be found there.

There is also a forum for the game, where players can discuss the game and its rules. There is also a dedicated In Character forum called La Voix de Paris to allow players to roleplay their personal interactions and petty rivalries!

Please note that you cannot access the forum unless you are a CGN site member, though membership is FREE! Equally, once a member, you cannot post to the TPT forum until you join the game, which is also free. Though all CGN site members can read the forum...

How to join: Contact JonL who will generate and then send you a character to play, as well as grant you posting access to the TPT forum.

Frequency of publication: Every four to six weeks, so allowing for holidays and the odd hiccup that normally translates into 10 to 12 issues a year...

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