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Here at CGN we work hard to provide a number of games from different genres and also of different flavours. Some of our games have been running a long time, others are only just getting started. Unfortunately due to the way things work some games will die. Below we will try and keep you up to date with the current state of all of our games.

Games Currently Running:

The Paris Tribune, last issue: number 103 January 1630 (last published 09 May 2014)

Restoration, last issue: number 6 June 1662 (last published 05 December 2014)

Games in Hiatus (inactive for over 6 months):

Before All Else. Last issue: December 1626 (last published 10 May 2013

Chronicles of Rokugan, last issue: number 39 (last published 28 October 2010)

Chronicles of the Imperium, last issue: number 14 (last published 19 November 2010) 

Chronicles of Kaitan, last issue: Turn 7 (last published 09 June 2009)

FreeTrader, last issue: Turn 9 (last published 13 June 2012)

Rollerball: IRL, last issue: Season 6 Turn 4 (last published 01 October 2011)

Rollerball: PRL, New game just started up.

Lift Off!, New game just started up - waiting list available. 

Games that are Dead or didn't take off:

Sopwith: In need of a new GM.

Chronicles of the Edge, last issue: Turn 3

Buccaneer: Playtest 2 Turn 3 (last published January 2008)

The Penny Dreadful: Stalled in initial playtest & rules re-write needed!

Tournee: Full re-write of rules needed!

Rollerball: WRL - in need of a new GM

Roborally: GM Computer problems

Dune Dynasty: Rules need review before relaunch (last published 29 January 2008)

iNferno: Dead

Mechwar: Didn't get started

Dinowars: Software didn't work correctly for players

Diplomacy: Game 1 Ended

United: Playtest 1 Turn 7 when GM retired

If you want to run a game via the CGN website than please contact DaveC who will look at your proposal and discuss it with the rest of the Admin team. If your game is approved then the rules will be posted in the Downloads Section and players will be invited to comment and read them. Once you have enough players to start the game let DaveC know and a page for the game will be created along with anything else that might help run the game.

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