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Chronicles of the Imperium

Chronicles of the Imperium

Set in the fictional world of Frank Herbert’s (and others) Dune novels, Chronicles of the Imperium is a turn based PBM game with each player controlling a single character making their way in the Universe.

Originally inspired by the En-Garde style play, Chronicles of the Imperium has developed to be much more of a story based game, with more emphasis on each characters story related actions than on simply gaining levels and position. Characters are built with a number of statistics and skills, which can improve during the game, but ideally these should take second place behind the unfolding tale of each characters adventures across the universe. The timeline for the game currently is between the end of the prologue novels and the beginning of original Dune book, hence House Harkonnen rule Arrakis and House Atreides are resident on the planet Caladan.

The first six issues of the game were a closed playtest with only five players to check the function of the rules. These six issues along with the current rulebook are available in the Document Repository.

Although the game is running, the rulebook is only 75% complete, hence expect additions and elaborations as the game progresses.
  (For those familiar with Chronicles of Rokugan, the rule system is fundamentally the same except where changes have been made to accommodate the Dune universe).  Those interested in taking part please have a look at the rulebook and then contact the GM (currently Paul Carolan) and we can work out the details of your character and introduce you as quickly as possible.

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