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Rollerball: IRL


This is a managerial style game designed to reflect the rough and tumble world of the game of Rollerball in the 21st century. Each player manages a team that consists of Netminders, Catchers, Bikers and Skaters, the aim to defeat each opposing team and claim both the League and Cup crowns. To assisst in this deadly venture teams can select the type of stadium they play in, whether it is a friendly home advantage ground or a much more lethal aggrodome.Keep your players on the pitch send your opponents off and hopefullt you'll win a match or two.

Frequnecy of publication, roughly once a month.

The 2055 Season of the International Rollerball League will see the following teams competing:

Addis Ababa Amazons Bogota Blizzard Bordertown BlitzCarthage Resurrection  
Dunwich HorrorsGotham CrowsIce WarriorsOlympus Gods
Phoenix KnightsRiven CodexRenaissance RomeSan Diego Demons
San Diego Submariniers  Southwark Players  Stalingrad Survivors  Vikings 

Follow the links to find out more about each team!

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