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Tournee is a game designed to simulate the popular and romanticised view of the medieval tournament. The characters spend 8 months of the year travelling round Western Europe attending tournaments hosted by the landed nobility of various nations. The remaining 4 winter months are spent in training and recovery from the exhausting tournament season. The players choose which tournaments and events to enter, although some tournaments may have special entry requirements. The aim of the game is to become the most glorious and revered knight.

Each month the scribe and his clerks will compile ‘The Tournament Herald’. This is a report on the tournaments that players have attended. The most important part of The Tournament Herald is the ‘Lists’. This section gives the glory of all the players’ knights, and skills for which the knights have become renowned. Note that it does not give the actual skill level, it just names the skill.

At the end of the year the ‘Lists’ may include more detailed information such as the number of event wins at different levels or best placings achieved by the knights.

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